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Breaking (Dir. Abi Damaris Corbin, Bleeker Street, 2022)

I recently came from theaters to see the thriller, Breaking, starring John Boyega, Nicole Beharie, and the late Michael K. Williams. Breaking was based on the true story of US Marine Corps veteran, Brian Brown-Easley, who held up an Atlanta Wells Fargo for money. The story revolves around themes of mental health, grief, and actions people take when in need and in desperation. Boyega plays the role of Brian Brown-Easley who holds up a bank due to financial despair. The story begins with Easley being accosted by the police, where he then leaves and wonders around town before calling his daughter, played by London Covington. He then enters Wells Fargo and approaches the teller, Rosa Diaz (Selenis Levya), handing her note stating that he has a bomb. The manager, Estelle Valarie (Nicole Beharie), takes notice of this and tells patrons and her co-workers to leave the bank, leaving only her and Diaz inside with the Easley. After going on a rant, he proclaims that he is in need of money wh

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